Why is it important to know about FSSD submission?

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Before you begin any suggested fire safety work in any structure, the Singapore National Defence Force has established a lengthy list of prerequisites (SCDF). fssd submission application is required by the Fire Safety Act to achieve and keep a strong quality of anticipated fire safety works.

Do You Have to Submit an FSSD Application?

To begin, you must determine if you are emailed your registration to the Fire Safety & Shelter Department for approval, which is depending on your building plans. If your designs do not include any sort of fire protection or if your improvements are so minor that they do not pose a fire danger, you are free from applying.

Submission and Application Requirements for FSSD

If you want to proceed with large modifications, such as major additional adjustments, altering the owners of a particular element, or altering the usage of the unit, you must apply to the FSSD. There is a criterion that you must fulfil. Before beginning the application procedure, you must seek the assistance of a Qualified Person (QP). Only QPs are permitted to submit applications for plan approval under the FSSD’s guidelines. You must thoroughly check every concept, concept, and documentation with your QP before submitting anything. This can help you to strengthen your application and ensure that it is authorised by the proper authorities. If the QP is pleased with the plans’ quality, they will accept and submit the form on your behalf. We guarantee that it all falls into place properly with our expert FSSD consultation, providing you with a smooth trip from beginning to end.