How to Proceed with a BNO visa Application?

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Hong Kong once remained the territory of the United Kingdom until July 1997, when the sovereignty was transferred to the Republic of China. The then citizens of Hong Kong were registered as British National Overseas by the British government and were British Passport holders. Now, these people cannot stay in Britain like any other resident. They need a British National Overseas visa to settle or work in Britain. There are several eligibility requirements to procure, and the visa and British Connections are here to help you.

Who is Eligible?

Only a British National (overseas) can apply for a British national overseas visa. It would help if you had a British national overseas passport, expired or otherwise while applying for the visa. If you have lost it, you can get a confirmation status. This can be quickly done with the assistance of an agency.

It would help if you had a valid passport from Hong Kong to apply for a visa. Your family member also can apply for a visa, along with you, under certain conditions. Spouse children under 18 and adults born after July 1997 can bring a spouse, and their child can be accommodated on the family member’s visa. Other relations like parents, grandparents, and siblings can be brought along in case of critical dependency.

The Process

Under a bno application, you can work or study in the UK. If you are willing to take your family too, then apply together. The person with the British National Overseas passport should apply first then the family can apply based on the reference number provided. It usually takes up to 12 weeks to get your visa approval.


The Visa process can be a complicated one and one error, and you must begin over again. Therefore, it is ideal to approach an agency like British connections to get your job done quickly. They will guide you on the correct procedure to apply.