How temp staffing services work in Singapore

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Temporary staffing service is a strategic employment option that enterprises use to expand their business workforce as and when required. Temporary contract staffing services play a critical role in connecting organizations looking for staffing on an on-demand basis and temporary workers.

Typically, the working duration of a temporary worker depends on the projects and assignments assigned by the client. The time duration of temporary contract staffing services or contractual basis employee may vary anywhere between 1 week to 1 year.

The steps involved in temp staffing services in Singapore

  • Organizations or clients who are in need of workers on a temporary or contractual basis, would approach a temp staffing firm and sign the contract with them. The contract shall consist of the job description, salary and other benefits offered to the temporary workers.
  • The sourcing and selection process will involve the agency sorting out candidates from their ready database according to the pre-defined criteria. The agency might also use some other tools and connections in the selection process.
  • The selected profiles would be then sent to the client company for the further recruitment process.
  • The HR administrative processes concerning the temporary staff come under the care of the staffing agency. These processes include onboarding of the staff, paying off the salary and firing of the temporary staff.
  • The payment from the client company is done to the staffing agency on based on the hourly wages of the temporary workers and also the additional fees that are charged by the temp agency itself.