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Numerology is an ancient practice and its followers would say it is an ancient science. It might be best described as a self help tool that provides you information about yourself and makes you aware. Numerologists believe that everything is the world is not predetermined, nothing is random. Through the analysis of numbers, we could gain awareness of our potential positives and negatives.

The brain is basically a pattern matching machine. Everything we like, dislike, understands, and success, failures, and more are controlled by routines. Certainly successful individuals have powerful patterns they follow that differ from unsuccessful folks. Luck may or may not play a role.


The ultimate patterns Are numbers, and that I should not be a surprise that Numerology looks at amounts linked to individuals and other resources. This happens depends of the sort of Numerology. There are lots of types, the most popular of which is Pythagorean, also called Modern. Chaldean and Indian are two other kinds. We will look at the fundamentals of Pythagorean here, named after Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, mystic, and mathematician.

In Pythagorean Numerology, amounts are determined in the date of birth and full name given to you in the date of your birth. Obviously you cannot change the date of your arrival, and even though you may have nicknames, distinct married names, and other title changes like pen names and possibly even names from religious conversions, it is your name provided to you at birth that is most important. Some would claim it is the only name that matters and your parents and the world are guided to provide you the perfect title for yourself. Whether you feel that of not, clearly titles are significant, whether individuals, product, or service names. The three most Significant numbers are your Life Path Number, your Expression or Destiny Number, and Your Soul Urge Number.

The Life Path number Comes in the date of arrival, represents that you are at birth and the traits you will carry through life and reflects your life’s journey, your Expression Number comes from the title and reflects your talents and skills, along with your Soul Urge Number that come in the vowels in your name and represents the inner you. Other numbers include your Character Number and Attitude Amount,

These numbers are all Easy to compute; you can calculate them yourself or find an reading best numerologist in india Standard analysis is straightforward also, but a more advanced analysis takes a trained and knowledgeable numerologist, and may be fascinating whether you are a believer or believe this is quackery!